What is CRM?

Customer Relations Management System (CRM) is a comprehensive approach which provides seamless integration of every area of business that touches the customer - namely marketing, sales, customer service and field support-through the integration of people, process and technology, taking advantage of the revolutionary impact of the Internet. CRM creates a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

Why is CRM Important?

The task of implementing and maintaining a CRM solution can seem overwhelming. But, when the goal of cheaper, faster, better customer service is considered, the results far outweigh the challenges. CRM, at no time, has been more crucial than it is today with heightened attention to cost cutting, revenue generation and customer retention. CRM is not just a software solution, but also a set of skills and competencies that will enable a company to better leverage and profit from each and every customer relationship. In a tough economy, competition is more evident than at any other time, and the ability to compete on the basis of customer relationships is more important than ever.

Purpose of Application

Managing and controlling all activities of Customer Relation Management, providing all levels of management with the computer based information system CBIS that supports taking the right discussion in the right time.

The system also provides different subsystems, reports and analysis for the purpose of handling different types of outbound and inbound operations.

The work flow handled by the system provides complete supervision, auditing and different levels of management.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Business Work Flow
  • Modular Based Implementation
  • Management By Information

Standard Version Components

  • Customer & Corporate Data Upload
  • Inbound Calls Tickets Handle
  • Outbound Calls Tickets Handle
  • Knowledge Base
  • Script Handling for Surveys
  • Tickets & Calls reports
  • Web integrated reports

CRM Automotive Edition

  • Data Setup
  • Inbound Customers’ Calls
  • Outbound Customers’ Calls
  • Reminders
  • Interactive Scripts
  • Agents Evaluation & Calls’ Analysis
  • Multilingual Interface

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