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About the System

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI or Key Success Indicators (KSI), help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals. Once an organization has analyzed its mission, identified all its stakeholders, and defined its goals, it needs a way to measure progress toward those goals. Key Performance Indicators are those measurements.

Proactive BI Dashboard Features

  • Ability to design layout & color for each preview screen
  • Ability to set a predefined layout & KPI for each user
  • Ability to compare between 4 different KPI's in one graphical interface screen
  • Ability to view KPIs in a comparative graphical interface
  • Ability to Access KPIs through internet by using Proactive Portal
  • multi-dimensional graph presentation
  • Monthly comparison
  • Year to year comparison
  • Locations Comparison
  • Area Comparison
  • Brands Comparison
  • Our Automotive ERP system provides Top Management with an advanced dashboard that illustrates the following KPIs in multi-dimensional graph presentation:

    • Actual Clocked Hours
    • Appointment Rate
    • Available Hours - TS
    • Bay utilization rate
    • Cars In
    • Cars Out
    • Collection Volume
    • Discount Volume - Total
    • External Work - Total
    • External Work - Warranty
    • External Work - WS
    • Labor Discount Volume
    • Labor Efficiency
    • Labor Sales - Customers
    • Labor Utilization
    • Labor Sales - Warranty
    • Labor Sales - Total
    • No of job order
    • No of Reception Order
    • No of Reservations
    • No. of Units serviced per TS
    • Over Time Hours
    • Revenue Analyses
    • Service Productivity
    • Sold FRU's Customer
    • Sold FRU's Warranty
    • Sold Hours per RO
    • Sold hours per TS
    • SP Discount Volume
    • Spare Parts Counter sales
    • Spare Parts Warranty Sales
    • Spare Parts WS Sales
    • Spare parts Sales - Total
    • Total Paid Hrs
    • Total Sold FRU's
    • Working hrs Customer
    • Working hrs Warranty
    • and more.....

    BI Dashboard

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