System Overview

Proactive Online Trading platforms provide all the necessary support and assistance to investors by providing secured real time access to trading, research reports, price analysis of stocks, market news, etc. You can buy or sell shares if you have a trading account and an internet connection. Proactivesoft platforms help you trade without any difficulty as these platforms enable high speed trading. These platforms have revolutionized the way trading is done. You can simply get a user name, password and a token from your brokerage firm begin trading from your PC or mobile.

Key Benefits

  • Accepting Orders 24/7
  • Full integration with our OMS & Back Office
  • Instant orders confirmation
  • Instant access to orders status
  • Instant access to account statements not limited to current fiscal year.
  • Instant access to orders history not limited to current fiscal year.
  • Instant access to Gain & Loss Report
  • Instant access to investor portfolio
  • Real Time Market Access
  • Conditional Orders, Triggers & Rules
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Price Watch Screen, Proactive Streamer
  • Advanced e-Trade through Proactive Streamer