System Overview

Proactive Human Resources is a streamlined, dynamic and flexible fully-managed HR system, Intellipay, which will allow you to vastly improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the way your human resources and payroll is managed meaning you can focus on your core competencies.

Implementing Proactive Human Resources System (HR System) provides your company with a business value which can dramatically help HR and line managers to automate routine tasks and processes, resulting in reducing paperwork, improving efficiency and saving time. HR software is often the key to helping a company's growth.

Some of the key benefits of Proactive HR system is automating the common tasks and processes that would typically provide savings in time of over 50%; such as employees change in personal details, holiday approval, vacations recording, appraisals, training & development, salary & career changes, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Keeping Records of financial & administrative employees information
  • Keeping records of employees salaries & their changes
  • Attendances Recording
  • Vacation Approval & Tracking
  • Automatic calculations of deductions
  • Automatic calculation of Overtime
  • Automatic calculation of salaries
  • Printing of pay slips
  • Electronic registry of employees loans & automatic deduction from salaries
  • Recording of business trips
  • Shifts enabled
  • Appraisal System
  • Training System
  • Integration to Proactive GL (General Ledger System)
  • Employee Portal:
    • Vacations Requests and history tracking
    • Vacations approval for employees in charge
    • Customer visits permissions & approvals
    • Loans management and follow up
    • Business trips permissions and approvals
    • Attendance records tracking
    • Inter-company messages and memos